Parent Volunteers Needed!

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Parent Volunteer Instructions:

Parent volunteer should arrive 45 minutes prior to the start of the showcase.

Parent volunteers will be in charge of keeping children together and entertained for the duration of the show. It is helpful to bring a blanket to use for your group to sit on and activities to keep them occupied (EX: coloring books with crayons NO MARKERS, puzzles, storybooks) Water only is allowed backstage. Each child may bring their own snack but due to food allergies no food is allowed to be consumed backstage. It will be the job of the parent volunteer to take the child to the lobby to eat their snack. Parent volunteers will escort children to the bathroom as needed and to the stage and back when they need to perform. Parent volunteers will be able to watch the routine from the side of the stage. Each parent volunteer will stay backstage until all of the children in their group have been picked up after the show, and clean up their area before leaving.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Miss Alicia at the front desk or email her at