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Class Schedules for the 2019-2020 Dance Season

2019-2020 Rocklin Class Schedule Updated 1-31-20

2019-20 Dance Elite Granite Bay Class Schedule Updated 1-29-20

At Dance Elite we offer a multitude of classes for dancers of all ages and abilities.  In fact, we offer over 150 different classes per week in the following dance styles and genres…

Tiny Tots

(ages 2.5yrs-3.5yrs)

These 30-minute classes are for tiny dancers ages 2.5 through 3.5.  Basic ballet, creative movement, and dance games are emphasized in a fun and safe atmosphere.  Our tiny tot dancers learn the importance of following directions and being a productive member of a group class.

Pee Wees

(ages 3.5yrs-5yrs)

Our Pee-Wee dancers take 45-minute classes in Pee Wee Ballet/Tap combo classes and/or Hip Hop (see descriptions of Ballet, Tap & Hip Hop below).  Our young dancers learn the basic steps in these genres and continue to learn how to follow directions and build on their fundamental dance skills.


(ages 5-adult, 55 minute-1.5 hour class)

The basis of all dance, ballet teaches the elegance, grace & technique required for a solid understanding of the fundamentals of dance.  More advanced dancers ages 12 and above may learn to dance on pointe at the discretion of our ballet director.


(ages 5-adult, 55-minute class)

This style of dance is originally derived from clogging & Irish dance where tap shoes are worn so the dancer can make music and rhythm with their feet.  The styles of tap taught at Dance Elite range from rhythm tap to broadway, hoofing, and tap/funk.


(ages 5-adult, 55-minute class)

America’s cultural form of dance, jazz can vary dramatically in styles and forms.  At Dance Elite we teach technical jazz which incorporates leaps, turns & jumps in a variety of different styles from traditional jazz to contemporary jazz and jazz/funk.

Jazz Technique

(ages 8-adult)

Our popular jazz technique classes are where dancers focus on the fundamental technique of traditional jazz dance such as leaps, turns, kicks, fouette turns, switch leaps, axel turns, etc.  Each class focuses on stretching, across the floor exercises, and combinations that build on technical jazz steps.


(ages 5-adult, 55-minute class)

Based in the roots of the original break dancers from Brooklyn NY, our breaking classes emphasize classic breaking freezing, poses, tricks and gymnastic moves to hip hop music.

Hip Hop

(ages 5-adult, 55-minute class)

American hip hop has traced back to African dancing and involves popping, locking, grooves, breaking & overall musicality to hip hop music.  At Dance Elite we realize that it is important for all hip hop instructors to teach age-appropriate choreography to clean hip hop music.


(ages 8-adult, 55-minute class)

This style is rooted in jazz and modern dance and focuses on the emotional connection to the music and also to one’s self.  Solid ballet and jazz technique is required for Lyrical/Contemporary as the dancers may be required to exhibit the technical as well as the pedestrian side of dance.


(ages 3.5-18, 55-minute class)

Tumbling classes teach students acrobatic and gymnastic skills. These classes are taught with a “ground up” approach, emphasizing basic skills and proper technique first, from which more difficult ones are taught. While developing and improving the student’s coordination, muscle control, conditioning, and self-confidence. Classes are offered in 3 levels (Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced) to accommodate every student no matter their experience.

Strength & Stretch

(ages 8-adult, 55 minute class)

All company dancers who are in the youth age division and above (3rd grade and above) are required to take company conditioning.  These classes are strength and stretch classes that build muscular strength and flexibility  through a series of dance-specific exercises and intervals.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]