Here are some reasons why over 3000 dancers and families have chosen Dance Elite as their studio of choice over the past ten years…



Some dance programs cater only to the super serious dancers who train twenty plus hours per week, while others put most of their energy into recreational programs. At Dance Elite, we believe that we offer something for every dancer at every age; from the five year old who is new to dance and wants to take just one class per week, to the more advanced dancer who chooses to be a member of our company program. We even offer beginning classes for teenagers & adults, a pre-professional division for advanced dancers over the age of 18 and retired professional dancers, and technique only & open classes where students can focus on improving dance technique without having to commit to a traditional dance class or team. At Dance Elite our primary focus is dance and dance related programs. We have also recently added a Tumbling program that is dance based and is very complimentary to dance training. It is the only program in our area of its kind and we are excited be able to offer this to our students. Some of our competitors claim to offer one stop shopping for their clients needs by offering a variety of programs at one location. We believe that the dancer is not properly nurtured and trained in such a setting that is not solely committed to dance. By honing in on and offering primarily dance you can rest assured that you and/or your child will be receiving top notch instruction from the best instructors in the dance industry. At Dance Elite we are honored to provide a great variety of classes & dance styles which lead to our dancers being quite versatile in their training. It is known in the dance industry that our well-trained students are well versed in all styles such as ballet, hip hop, jazz, lyrical/contemporary & tap. Anyone who is considering a professional dance career knows that it is imperative to have many styles under their belt to be hirable in the modern dance world.



We recently expanded our state-of-the-art facility into a 8,700 sq.ft. space which includes 5 ample teaching rooms, a retail area and a parents lounge with leather couches and free coffee. Our teaching rooms have maple floors that have been installed over resilient padding and/or raised to reduce shock and injury. We also have marley dance floors layed over wood in our larger rooms. Our lobby is spacious and welcoming, and our rooms have been built with large one-way viewing windows or video monitoring for parents to watch class without being distracting to the dancers. Our facility offers parents an opportunity to stay and not only see what is going on in their child’s class and to get to know our staff on a personal level as well. We have designated areas for students to eat and complete homework if they need to stay for several classes in one day.



With many dance programs the teacher or studio owner conducts many of the classes and does the administration. By trying to do two jobs at once, the class may suffer as the teacher has to use class time for customer service issues, or the studio may have no customer service available if the teacher is in class. To have a good experience it is important to choose a dance program that can assist you with details like costumes or schedules, even if a teacher is occupied in a class. Dance Elite has office staff on hand during regular class time in order for our customers to receive immediate assistance.



Many dance studios offer only one or sometimes no performance opportunities to their dancers. At Dance Elite we believe that learning technical skills are as important as learning performance skills, so we offer an optional, low pressure Winter and Summer performance for all of our dancers in a real auditorium with professional lighting and sound. We feel that it is important for the dancers to know the sense of accomplishment and pride that come from performing in front of a crowd on stage since dance is a true performance art. We choose only the highest quality costumes for our dancers in order for them to look great on stage and can be kept as treasured mementos for years to come. For those dancers who want to perform even more frequently we have a company program that gives our dancers five or more additional performance opportunities per season.



There are so many details concerning everything from class schedules, to costumes, to showcase information. Keeping dancers and parents informed is critical to staying organized. Of course, providing quality dance instruction is our top priority, and keeping you informed is our second. When you register you will receive an information packet that details what is to be expected for the entire dance season. We also have regular newsletters, memos, and voice broadcast messages to keep you informed of what is happening at the studio. Our website is also updated frequently with newsletters, class schedules, event schedules, and general information, so plan to visit us at often. You can also stay connected with us through Facebook, “like” Dance Elite( for even more regular information about what is going on at our studio!



At Dance Elite we have been blessed to have wonderful clients who continually spread the word about our great dance programs. Since we originally opened in 2004 we have experience tremendous growth & have been recognized as one of the fastest growing dance studios in the entire United States. This is a testament to our tremendously talented & caring teaching staff, office staff, & overall direction of our studio. The many families who have been with us throughout the years will be the first to say that we are committed to making each new dance season better than the last. We are also honored to have recently received the Style Magazine reader’s choice award as the best dance studio in all of Rocklin, Roseville & Granite Bay for the 5th year in a row. Our company dancers are also extremely decorated as our groups, duo/trios & soloists have received numerous first overall awards at both regional & national competitions. Many of our serious dance students have gone onto to study dance in college, dance for nationally ranked collegiate dance teams, dance for NFL & NBA teams, & dance professionally in Los Angeles and abroad. Our director and owner Faith Gardner is also a consultant to other dance studio owners across the world on how to succeed and do business “The Dance Elite Way”. After a decade Dance Elite has truly figured out what it takes to provide the best instruction and service in a family friendly and positive atmosphere.


Dance Elite is an approved vendor for the following charter schools:

  • horizon-logoHorizon Charter School: One of the largest Sacramento charter schools, Horizon Charter Schools is also one of the largest charter schools in northern California, in addition to the greater Sacramento area. Since 1993 we have enjoyed a distinguished record of dedicated service to families in our six county service area. Our staff is innovative and are always exploring ways that support students in both the classroom setting and in the home teaching environment. At Horizon, we provide flexible education programs that give choices for student learning.
  • Inspire Charter School
  • Pacific Charter School
  • Visions In Education
  • CORE Placer Charter School